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WBBC - News from the Green

17 Aug 2023

Dear WBBC Members


The Nominations Board is up and ready to receive your name!  This is for volunteers for all the jobs that need
to be done within the club.  If you feel your able to contribute to the running of the club, please put your name down.
If there is more than 1 name down, nominations will be voted on at the AGM in February 2024.  

West Byfleet Bowls Club is an Affiliated Club which gives us certain benefits, one of which is that each member
is insured by Bowls England when playing on the green and on club grounds.  To see the list of affiliated club's visit Surrey - Bowls England

OPEN DAY 27TH APRIL 2024 – 14:00 -  The club needs someone or 2 people who can organise this.  It involves, meeting
and greeting people coming to the open day.  Organizing a team to take potential members details and pass
them onto the coaches on the green.  Colin will be able to give more details of what is involved.  

Etiquette on the Green - visit the link on our web site to understand how to deport yourself on the green  Bowling Etiquette.

Safeguarding officer

We now have a outside safeguarding officer who can be contacted at sarah.amy.mold@gmail.com

Scorecard Holders - There seems to be a shortage of these in the club.  Please make sure you use them and replace them back in the Club House.

Locking the Equipment Shed up - When putting the equipment away please look around and if all the equipment is in please lock the shed up.