West Byfleet Bowls Club - Coaching Support

Coaching Support

West Byfleet Bowls Club welcomes anyone wishing to play bowls, whether they are a complete beginner or an experienced player. We are a very friendly club where new members are warmly welcomed and given every encouragement to join this fascinating game.

We offer coaching to those who are interested in the sport via two qualified coaches who give their time during the season to developing member skills. All coaches have DBS clearance and have received Safeguarding Awareness training. Informal Club Night sessions take place every Monday evening at 6pm during the outdoor season. These Club Nights are open to members or anyone thinking of taking up bowls who might wish to arrange a free bowls "taster session"

Coaching Programme for Beginners                              
All new bowlers undertake an organised programme under expert coaching guidance. To provide an insight into the beginners programme we provide a brief summary of Coaching Session One below:

Equipment: Mat at each end of the rink, 2 jacks, selection of different size bowls. A helper required on each rink.
* Introductions. Determine the experience/knowledge level,if any, of the new bowler.

* Housekeeping, health and safety on the green.
* Demonstrate Jack Grip.
* New bowler rolls jack up green towards a target.
* Coach to show bowl placement in the hand, introduce bowl bias. New bowler practices bowl delivery.
* New bowler delivers 2 back hand and 2 fore hand bowls.
Lesson Observations: Before each bowl check that bias and bowl grip are ok. Check placement of the feet on the mat, accompanied with a pendulum delivery and knees being bent.

A 'Buddy' System for all New Members
This scheme is in place to help all new members, in their first season, to fully integrate into both the sport of bowls and our Club. The aim is to encourage new members to join friendly club matches at the earliest opportunity.

A Buddy is responsible for:
-  creating a welcoming environment with a tour of the facilities
-  introductions to other members and the club officers
-  explaining club procedures
-  assisting the club coach with the new member's training
-  invite new members to come and watch the buddy play
-  ensuring the safety of new members on the green
-  explain the protocol and bowling etiquette of being a Club member